The program elevates fleet payment security with SMS verification.

QuikQ, a trusted provider of innovative and secure fuel payment, corporate payment and fraud prevention solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its cutting-edge security feature, "Secure Swipe." Secure Swipe offers an innovative, real-time method for drivers to authenticate their fuel transaction purchases via SMS text messaging.


Fraud has become an increasingly prevalent and dangerous threat year after year, affecting individuals and businesses alike. Fuel card fraud, in particular, remains a significant concern for fleet operators.

Recent data from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reveals alarming statistics: consumers reported losing nearly $8.8 billion to fraud in 2022, marking a staggering 30 % increase from the previous year. The FTC received fraud reports from a whopping 2.4 million consumers in the same period.


The partnership enables fleets to create a robust single fuel payment system.

QuikQ, a trusted provider of innovative and secure fuel payment, corporate payment and fraud prevention solutions, is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with OPW Fuel Management Systems, a part of the Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) family of brands that is a leading provider of fueling products and systems. The partnership will provide QuikQ-enabled trucking fleets that use OPW’s PetroVend terminal systems with a convenient way to process onsite terminal fuel purchases securely and seamlessly.


Nothing is more important to us than your trust and loyalty, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve your QuikQ experience while keeping your data safe. Protecting your data in the QuikQ portal is as important to us as protecting your drivers’ transactions at the pump.

That’s why we are making Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) mandatory for portal users beginning September 5. All employees that need access to your portal must turn on portal 2FA by that date.

Why 2FA?

We like 2FA because it requires you to provide something you know (your password) and something you have (a code sent to your phone or email). This way, even if someone steals or guesses your password, they still won’t be able to log in without that second factor.

Additionally, we really like 2FA because it blocks 100% of automated bots, 96% of phishing attacks and 76% of targeted attacks. This is incredibly important considering a huge majority (81%) of hacking-related breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords.

What will happen on September 5?

The next time you sign on, after September 5, you will be prompted to enter an additional code that was sent to your email address. After entering that code, you’ll be taken to the portal as usual.

We appreciate you working with us to add this important layer of security to your account. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our customer support team at (855) 947-2787 or

In our commitment to revolutionize the transportation industry, QuikQ has consistently sought partnerships that enhance our mission of delivering efficient, affordable and customer-centric solutions. Our collaboration with ProMiles perfectly encapsulates this vision, resulting in the creation of QuikQ Drive.

QuikQ Drive is not just another navigation tool; it's a transformative experience for drivers. Leveraging the prowess of ProMiles' impeccable mapping, mileage and routing data, QuikQ Drive ensures that every journey you embark upon is optimized to the fullest.

With our platform, drivers can effortlessly plan their route, pinpointing the best and most economical fuel stops along the way. Real-time fuel pricing information ensures you always get the best deal, while flexible routing options, including the ability to include or exclude toll roads, guarantee your route aligns with your budget.

In addition to navigation, QuikQ Drive is all about customization. Whether it's selecting a route based on trailer axle types or choosing from a specific fuel network, our platform molds itself to your needs. The user-friendly interface, powered by ProMiles, ensures that even the most tech-averse individual can navigate with ease.

Speaking of ProMiles, their reputation in the trucking industry is unparalleled. Their dedication to continuous improvement and keenness to incorporate consumer feedback makes them a favorite among many.

Together, QuikQ and ProMiles are setting new standards in the transportation industry, with QuikQ Drive as a testament to our shared vision of excellence and innovation.

QuikQ, a trusted provider of innovative and secure fuel payment, corporate payment and fraud prevention solutions, is pleased to announce an upgraded interactive interface with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster Enterprise dispatch software.