QuikQ Unveils Secure Swipe, the Latest Tool in the Fight Against Fuel Fraud

The program elevates fleet payment security with SMS verification.

QuikQ, a trusted provider of innovative and secure fuel payment, corporate payment and fraud prevention solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its cutting-edge security feature, "Secure Swipe." Secure Swipe offers an innovative, real-time method for drivers to authenticate their fuel transaction purchases via SMS text messaging.

With ever-evolving techniques in fraudulent activities, especially in the realm of fuel card scams, the urgency to bolster defenses has never been more critical. Secure Swipe is designed to ensure the driver is physically present with their QuikQ fuel card during the purchase.

Upon swiping their QuikQ fuel card, drivers immediately receive a verification prompt on the Point of Sale (POS) system and a simultaneous text for transaction confirmation. Based on the driver's response, the transaction either proceeds or, if denied, QuikQ instantly deactivates the card, alerting both the driver and the carrier to prevent potential fraud.

This process not only streamlines the fueling procedure but also adds a fortified layer of defense against potential card skimming or unauthorized transactions.

Tony McAlister, CEO of QuikQ, said the introduction of Secure Swipe epitomizes QuikQ’s unwavering commitment to fraud prevention.

"At QuikQ, we recognize the immense trust our clients place in our hands. Our primary goal has always been - and will continue to be - safeguarding that trust,” said McAlister. “Fraud prevention is woven into our company's DNA. With the introduction of Secure Swipe, we're not just responding to the demands of the modern world; we're anticipating them."

By leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure secure transactions, QuikQ reaffirms its position as a leader in fleet payment solutions. Carriers and drivers can expect to see Secure Swipe in action imminently as QuikQ continues to roll out features and solutions that prioritize security, efficiency and customer satisfaction.