The Comprehensive Card Designed for Your Fleet

With the QuikQ Fleet Mastercard®, you get the perfect blend of QuikQ’s custom payment programs with the purchasing power of Mastercard.
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The Crucial Card Benefits You Need

Each year, commerce generated by fleets contributes billions of dollars to the U.S. economy. At QuikQ, we understand your fleet’s needs and know what it takes to keep you moving in the right direction.

That's why we developed the QuikQ Fleet Mastercard®, a comprehensive payment solution designed to streamline operations, enhance controls and drive efficiency. With the QuikQ Fleet Mastercard® in your portfolio, you’ll gain a competitive edge and fuel your fleet’s success in-house and on the road.

How does the Fleet Mastercard® work?

The card acts like a standard commercial card, giving drivers quick access to make the payments they need. You can also set limits and restrict purchases.

Where is the card accepted?

The QuikQ Fleet Mastercard® is accepted at almost 11 million retailers across the country, including 575,000 for fuel and maintenance. Wherever your drivers want to fuel, QuikQ has them covered.

Is the card secure?

Absolutely. You’ll have access to real-time monitoring and detailed info on every transaction. And, you can rest assured with QuikQ’s best-in-class fraud prevention controls.

What kind of transaction data does the card provide?

Our fleet card provides the kind of data you need to help fight fraud, create reports and make more informed decisions. With each transaction, you’ll see the fuel type, quantity, price per gallon and more.

Leverage the Power of QuikQ and Mastercard

Join the ranks of successful fleets who rely on QuikQ to power their operations and deliver goods efficiently. Contact us to learn more about the QuikQ Fleet Mastercard®.
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