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In the face of increasing fuel fraud risks, QuikQ stands by you with innovative solutions and strategic planning.
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Proper Planning = Fraud Prevention

As a transaction processing pioneer for the transportation industry, QuikQ is committed to partnering with fleets to formulate and implement effective fuel fraud prevention strategies.

Fuel card skimming continues to escalate in the U.S., costing businesses and consumers over $1 billion each year, as estimated by the FBI. If your fleet purchases over-the-road diesel fuel at truck stops, it's crucial to ask: Do you have a plan to prevent fuel fraud?

The best defense against fuel fraud is prevention. But the reality is, many fleets do not have an internal fuel fraud prevention plan. So, how are you monitoring your fuel purchases? Can you identify fuel fraud when it occurs? Do you have a process for when you uncover fraud?

These questions represent just a handful of the considerations we address when developing a fraud prevention strategy with our fleets. Our experienced team is ready to help you create a tailored fuel fraud prevention plan, ensuring your fleet doesn't become another statistic.

  • We are extremely happy fueling with QuikQ’s cardless RFID system. It reduces the risk of fuel theft in real time and accurately tracks each gallon purchased. The QuikQ team is very responsive, professional and knowledgeable.

    – Christina Shoemaker
    Diamond X-Press LLC
  • Having spent 30 years in the industry, I’ve seen a wide variety of sales reps. Even after committing to switch to QuikQ, our rep continues to be by our side to this day. Well done, QuikQ!

    – Jack Daniels
    Kandel Transport Inc.
  • QuikQ’s RFID system gives us reporting we didn’t have before, and it makes life easier for our drivers. Plus, everyone I’ve dealt with at QuikQ is very authentic. They care about their customers.

    - Pam Crum
    Chief Financial Officer, Crum Trucking, Inc.
  • Our company recently switched to QuikQ from a large fuel card provider. Through the sales process, onboarding and training, QuikQ has been there for us every step of the way. I can’t speak highly enough about QuikQ and encourage others to make the switch.

    – Paul Bjorklund
    Des Claw
  • Our partnership with QuikQ has been wonderful. Customer service has been outstanding, and our rep is always there for us. We recommend QuikQ.

    – Irene Trifan
    APL Cargo
  • If I had to describe QuikQ in three words, they would be ‘easy, intuitive, and service.’ Eddie is fantastic. I can email him at any time and he has an answer for me. And, if he doesn’t have the answer, he will find it.

    - Chrissi Douglas
    Maintenance Coordinator, BD Transportation, Inc.

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