RFID: The Ultimate Weapon Against Fraud

QuikQ was the first company to introduce cardless RFID fueling for over-the-road fuel purchases.
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The Benefits of SmartQ RFID

SmartQ is the only fuel payment product that authenticates your truck’s physical presence at the pump, adding a layer of security and fraud protection you won’t get anywhere else.

Our unique SmartQ RFID technology uses a passive, asset-based RFID tag to authorize pumps. This activates pumps before the driver finishes pulling into the lane, reducing time spent at the pump while improving the driver’s overall experience. And, fuel pumps turn off automatically if the RFID connection breaks. This technology greatly reduces driver fuel theft at the pump.

Secure, Cardless Fueling

Our SmartQ RFID solution offers a seamless and secure cardless fueling experience for those who want to reduce the hassle of managing physical cards.

Accepted Nationwide

Our extensive fueling network includes major chains such as Love’s, TA, TA Express, and Petro, ensuring easy access wherever you go.

Real-Time Asset Validation

Get instant verification at the pump for both truck and trailer. Our system authenticates tractor, reefer fuel and DEF in real-time by asset type.

Enhanced Fraud Protection

You can rest assured with SmartQ’s advanced security features. RFID transactions provide an additional layer of fraud protection, safeguarding your assets and stopping fraud in its tracks.

Fuel Fraud Protection Program

Experience Millions of Secure Miles with SmartQ RFID

SmartQ RFID boasts a proven track record of success, processing millions of transactions without a single instance of fraud. It's a key part of our comprehensive Fuel Fraud Protection Program.

Introducing the Groundbreaking Zero Fraud Guarantee

For added peace of mind, the Fuel Fraud Protection Program offers a Zero Fraud Guarantee* for SmartQ RFID. This industry-leading guarantee provides carriers with complete financial protection against unauthorized fuel purchases, further solidifying SmartQ RFID as the most secure and convenient way to fuel your fleet.

With SmartQ RFID, you can focus on your business without worrying about fraud.

* Terms and conditions apply.

Use RFID Away from the Pump

You can also take advantage of RFID at your business:

Work Smart with SmartQ RFID

The future of fueling and fraud prevention is here. Start enjoying faster, more secure and more convenient transactions today.
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