Case Study: BD Transportation, Inc.

BD Transportation, Inc. Transforms Operations with SmartQ RFID

Based in Piqua, Ohio, BD Transportation, Inc., is a SmartWay Certified, family-owned business known for its reliability and dedication to forming long-term partnerships with both customers and employees. Facing the challenges of traditional fuel payment methods, BD Transportation sought a solution that could streamline their operations, enhance security, and improve the driver experience. Their quest led them to QuikQ in October 2022, marking the beginning of a fruitful partnership.


Prior to the partnership with QuikQ, BD Transportation grappled with the tedious nature of fuel card management. The management of these cards was labor-intensive for the company, and the threat of fuel theft loomed large, posing a significant challenge to BD Transportation’s operations.


The adoption of QuikQ’s SmartQ RFID technology offered BD Transportation a groundbreaking solution to meet their fuel-related challenges. The innovative cardless RFID system, employing passive, asset-based RFID tags, seamlessly authenticates BD Transportation’s trucks at the pump.

Chrissi Douglas, BD Transportation’s maintenance coordinator, said the QuikQ team provided unparalleled support during the transition, quickly answering questions and addressing any issues as they occurred—leading to a smooth integration into BD Transportation’s daily operations.


The implementation of SmartQ RFID technology significantly enhanced BD Transportation's fuel management and security. Because the RFID tags are designed to be rendered useless if they are tampered with or removed, Douglas said this effectively curbed the risk of unauthorized fuel usage. She added that any time there’s an issue related to scanning the tags, it’s the fault of the pump and not the RFID tags themselves.

Additionally, the elimination of physical fuel cards simplified BD Transportation’s fuel management processes.

“We do not even give our drivers fuel cards at this point. It’s so much easier not having to track those,” said Douglas. “The drivers love it as well, as it’s easy to just pull up to the pump and have it activated and ready to go by the time they get out of the truck.”

Through its partnership with BD Transportation, prioritizing efficiency, security, and the customer experience, QuikQ’s SmartQ RFID technology not only addresses the immediate challenges of fuel management but also sets a new standard for the industry.

As more companies like BD Transportation embrace these advanced solutions, QuikQ continues to lead the charge in transforming the landscape of transportation payment systems, paving the way for a more streamlined, secure, and efficient future.