QuikQ Refining Fuel Management

ABOUT QuikQ: Company Overview QuikQ is here to redefine the world of fuel management.

Despite incredible technological progress in the trucking industry over the last few decades – including sophisticated fleet enterprise software, mobile communications systems and RFID capabilities – fuel transaction processes have remained unchanged since the 1970s. These outdated, inefficient methods expose carriers to high fraud risk and truck stops to high operating costs.

QuikQ's Fuel Purchase System (FPS) represents an entirely new way of processing fuel transactions that will save money for carriers and truck stops alike. Leveraging the current technologies available, FPS allows a carrier to directly interface its enterprise software solution to its truck stop fuel vendor's point-of-sale system, eliminating the need for expensive fleet fuel cards and third-party billing and introducing a host of cost-saving efficiencies into a more streamlined relationship between the carrier and truck stop.

A truck stop, equipped with the QuikQ cardless transaction system (SmartQ™ - software and lane positioning hardware), a truck and/or reefer trailer is authorized wirelessly, where fueling can take place when the driver gets out of the truck. This same technology will also complete the fueling process if the truck/reefer trailer leaves the lane.

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