Taking advantage of the same RFID tags as used for over the road fueling, carriers can automate and integrate their own terminal fueling. This RFID feature allows terminal fueling with fewer driver prompts and without the need for a fuel card or keys.



Trucks and trailers with RFID access to terminal lots allow superior tracking of arrivals and departures. With the ability to record tractor and trailer movements in and out of terminal lots, you’ll have the ability to eliminate manual lot checks. Also, if gates are present, you can prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering or exiting, as well as reduce the risk of your driver leaving with the wrong load. Installing Q-Access at your shop facilities gives you automatic tracking of equipment in and out.



In the same way that RFID tags provide more efficient fueling at truck stops, carriers can also automate their terminal wash facilities. This feature allows carriers to track washes by driver, unit and trailer. Ensure your fleet of trucks are clean with this streamlined process.



This integrated RFID service takes pictures at the fuel dispenser, terminal fuel, terminal lot and/or wash bay as visual validation of the presence of your trucks and drivers. Images are captured on both the driver and passenger side of a truck in the fuel lane, significantly reducing the risk of fuel fraud and errors in processing transactions.