QuikQ and ProMiles Partner to Create QuikQ Drive

In our commitment to revolutionize the transportation industry, QuikQ has consistently sought partnerships that enhance our mission of delivering efficient, affordable and customer-centric solutions. Our collaboration with ProMiles perfectly encapsulates this vision, resulting in the creation of QuikQ Drive.

QuikQ Drive is not just another navigation tool; it's a transformative experience for drivers. Leveraging the prowess of ProMiles' impeccable mapping, mileage and routing data, QuikQ Drive ensures that every journey you embark upon is optimized to the fullest.

With our platform, drivers can effortlessly plan their route, pinpointing the best and most economical fuel stops along the way. Real-time fuel pricing information ensures you always get the best deal, while flexible routing options, including the ability to include or exclude toll roads, guarantee your route aligns with your budget.

In addition to navigation, QuikQ Drive is all about customization. Whether it's selecting a route based on trailer axle types or choosing from a specific fuel network, our platform molds itself to your needs. The user-friendly interface, powered by ProMiles, ensures that even the most tech-averse individual can navigate with ease.

Speaking of ProMiles, their reputation in the trucking industry is unparalleled. Their dedication to continuous improvement and keenness to incorporate consumer feedback makes them a favorite among many.

Together, QuikQ and ProMiles are setting new standards in the transportation industry, with QuikQ Drive as a testament to our shared vision of excellence and innovation.