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QuikQ Fuel Fraud Protection Program Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions (the “Fuel Fraud Terms and Conditions”) apply to and govern the operation of QuikQ’s Fuel Fraud Protection Program (the “Fuel Fraud Program”), and are an integral part of, and are incorporated by reference in, the Accountholder Agreement between QuikQ and Accountholder (including these Fuel Fraud Terms and Conditions, the “Accountholder Agreement”). Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the Accountholder Agreement.

An Accountholder whose QuikQ account qualifies for the Fuel Fraud Program (a “Qualifying Account”) will have no responsibility for payment of Unauthorized Purchase Transactions made in a calendar year on the Qualifying Account, up to the lesser of (i) the Accountholder’s credit limit for the Qualifying Account, or (ii) $50,000.00. “Unauthorized Purchase Transaction” means a Transaction made on a Qualifying Account using a QuikQ issued radio frequency identification (“RFID”) tag by someone other than an Authorized User and from which Accountholder received no benefit. An Unauthorized Purchase Transaction does not include: (a) a Transaction conducted on a Qualifying Account by an Authorized User using a QuikQ issued RFID tag unless Accountholder previously notified QuikQ, via telephone at 855-947-2787 or email to, that Transactions on the Qualifying Account using such RFID tag were no longer authorized and QuikQ had a reasonable amount of time to act on such notice prior to the occurrence of the Transaction; (b) a Transaction initiated by an Authorized User which QuikQ reasonably suspects was initiated with the intent to defraud; (c) a Transaction resulting from the negligence of Accountholder or an Authorized User (including any Transactions resulting from a security breach (including malware) of Accountholder’s systems or as a result of failure to maintain reasonable security precautions and controls to prevent unauthorized use; (d) a Transaction being disputed by Accountholder due to a product discrepancy or dissatisfaction with a merchant; or (e) a Transaction made pursuant to a policy exception for Accountholder’s account entered into QuikQ’s online customer portal and approved by an administrator on Accountholder’s QuikQ account.

Accountholder must take the following actions with respect to its QuikQ account for the account to be designated a Qualifying Account:

  1. Accountholder must set daily transaction and spending limits for the account through the QuikQ online customer portal that are based upon the reasonable spending needs of Accountholder’s drivers;
  2. Accountholder must ensure that all identification codes (Driver IDs, Pin #s, and Vehicle IDs) and online customer portal access credentials are secured and kept separate from each other;
  3. Each RFID tag issued by QuikQ on Accountholder’s account must be permanently affixed, in accordance with the instructions provided with such RFID tag, to the piece of equipment to which it is initially registered in the QuikQ online customer portal;
  4. Only Transactions conducted on Accountholder’s account utilizing QuikQ issued RFID tags qualify for coverage under the Fuel Fraud Program. Transactions made using any other Payment Instrument(s) are ineligible for coverage under the Fuel Fraud Program;
  5. Accountholder must submit any claim under the Fuel Fraud Program to QuikQ within seven (7) calendar days of the invoice date on which the transaction at issue is listed. Accountholder must email the details of each Unauthorized Purchase Transaction to QuikQ via email to or by telephone at 855-947-2787.  Each claim must specify the name and address of the Accountholder, details about the unauthorized user using Accountholder’s RFID tag(s), if available, and details about the Unauthorized Purchase Transaction(s), including date and location where the Transaction was initiated;
  6. Accountholder must update and keep current at all times its master list of trucks, trailers, RFID tags, and drivers associated with its QuikQ account on the QuikQ online customer portal. Accountholder must immediately remove from the master list all trucks, trailers, RFID tags, and drivers no longer in service with or employed by Accountholder;
  7. Purchases made on Accountholder’s account with respect to a truck, trailer, or RFID tag on Accountholder’s master list that were removed from service but not immediately deleted from the master list maintained on the QuikQ customer portal are ineligible for coverage under the Fuel Fraud Program;
  8. Accountholder must immediately notify QuikQ of any lost, stolen, or compromised account access information or RFID tag(s) to QuikQ via email to or by telephone at 855-947-2787;
  9. Accountholder must provide QuikQ with any documentation and/or information reasonably requested by QuikQ in connection with its investigation of the Transaction for which Accountholder has made a claim under the Fuel Fraud Program; and
  10. QuikQ may require that Accountholder provide a copy of an affidavit and/or filed police report regarding the Unauthorized Purchase Transaction at issue.

QuikQ may refuse to assume liability for any Unauthorized Purchase Transaction under the Fuel Fraud Program if Accountholder does not fully cooperate with QuikQ in its investigation of such transaction. QuikQ may change any or all of the Fuel Fraud Terms and Conditions, including eliminating the Fuel Fraud Program, at any time in its sole discretion (each, a “Fraud Program Modification”). QuikQ will provide written notice of a Fraud Program Modification to Accountholder, via email or through QuikQ’s website or online customer portal, at least ten (10) days prior to the date on which the Fraud Program Modification takes effect (the “Modification Date”). Accountholder’s use of any RFID tag after the Modification Date constitutes its acknowledgment and acceptance of the Fraud Program Modification as of the Modification Date.

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