Cardless transaction system


Cardless Transaction System

The QuikQ cardless transaction system installed at travel centers, is designed to detect/validate the position of an asset (truck/reefer unit) in the fueling lane through the use of RFID tags and turn on dispensers with little or no driver input. If the asset leaves the fueling position, the dispenser is sent a signal to stop fueling. For carriers that have bulk fueling sites at their terminals, the QuikQ cardless solution could be installed to provide the same security, accuracy, and driver convenience as available at travel centers.

Through the use of QuikQ RFID tags attached to an asset, and a travel center equipped with the QuikQ cardless solution, a truck and/or reefer trailer is authorized wirelessly, where fueling can take place when the driver gets out of the truck. This same technology will also complete the fueling process if the truck/reefer trailer leaves the lane (hence reduce the fraud potential). This technology offers additional security to the fleet while moving a driver out of the fuel island QUIKLY. This enhances the driver experience in the fuel lane and adds to driver satisfaction and greater throughput through the fuel island.